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Bathing Machine

This project is derived from renovation of former Commonwealth Institute in Kensington and redefining the original meaning of ‘Commonwealth’. Commonwealth is a traditional English term for a political community founded for the common good or in which all participants have equal standing. Historically, it has sometimes been synonymous with “republic”. For the specific explanation ‘Commonwealth’ dates from the fifteenth century. The original phrase “the common-wealth” derives from the old meaning of “wealth”, which is “well-being”. So ‘Commonwealth’ means ‘Common well-being’ in literally. Thus what is the real common well-being in our life? and what is the common-land for architecture?. So the 18th century’s bathing machine shows the answer of this project. A bathing machine was invented in 18th century for women to enjoy bathing in public area. This machine is fully designed for undressing clothes in public area. However this machine means more than a simple wagon. Having a bath freely like men can be explained as an equal standing. The new Common Bath will be located in public park as new propaganda of ‘Commonwealth’ and the new bathing machine become a transition device to become a ‘Common well - being’ in both architectural and social circumstances.